Enjoying the world around us

Jonathan Pierce is a sophomore athletic training major. Here is a post written by Jonathan himself.

I decided to come on this trip because of the awesome experience I had last year on the Luckyday discovery trip to Washington, DC. I wanted to take advantage of this great opportunity to explore different parts of the world.

Before coming on this trip, I had no idea I would get the chance to see such phenomenal sights. Without a doubt some of the hikes were tough but definitely worth it. I realized how blessed I am to have the opportunity to experience and see these amazing things. These pictures are only a small example of the wonderful creations God has bestowed upon us this past week.

Sometimes I think people, including myself, should slow our life down and just soak in what’s around us and be thankful for what we have instead of complaining about what we don’t have. This discovery trip experience, has allowed me to grow as an individual as well as taught me to enjoy what God has given me and never stop exploring!

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