Accomplishing great things with the help of others 

Danielle hails from Brandon, Mississippi. She is one of our two seniors traveling on this trip. Her major is social work. Here are so thoughts  from Danielle in her own words.

I came on this trip because I went on the past two discovery trips, and they were experiences I will never forget. I thought they would be hard to top, but this trip topped both of them. Also, I try to take every single opportunity to connect with my Luckyday family. These trips have led me to create relationships I will never forget. As a senior, this is my last one, and I am real sad about that. However, these trips will forever be memories I will never forget.

What was surprising to me is that I made the climb all the way up to Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park. Before I made it to the bridge, I thought there was no way I would make it. However, when I got to the bridge I realized how close the top was. I had never pushed my body so hard. I had to keep telling myself, “I can do this. I am almost there.” Also, the encouragement from Courtney helped me keep going. Once we made it to the top, I was full of emotions because I accomplished something I didn’t think I could do.

This trip has been truly an experience I will never forget. I will forever be grateful to the Luckyday Program for this experience.

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