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The Luckyday Citizenship Scholarship Program at The University of Southern Mississippi is proud to provide scholarships, leadership opportunities, connections to the community, and engagement with other scholars. The Program is funded by The Luckyday Foundation, established by the late Frank R. Day of Jackson, Mississippi. Since 2001, the Luckyday Foundation has given over $27 million to Southern Miss by way of scholarships, program funds, and construction funds.

Also since 2001, over 1,000 students have graduated from Southern Miss as Luckyday Scholars. In the fall of 2017, about 430 scholars–freshmen through seniors–were making great progress towards graduation. From dance to business majors, from hometowns of Hernando to Moss Point, from first-generation college students to fourth-generation, the Luckyday Program is proud to have welcomed so many great students onto the Southern Miss campus and into the Luckyday family.

It is because of this pride in so many intelligent, hard-working, civically motivated, creative, and determined students that we would like to share their stories with others. Some stories are heart-warming. Some tell of accomplishments. Others tell of obstacles overcome. Stories help us connect and see commonalities. It is our hope that you will not only feel more connected to our program but that you will also get a glimpse of the students who call themselves “Luckydays.” They all have a story worth telling!

For more information about the program, please visit usm.edu/luckyday. Our office may be contacted through email at luckyday@usm.edu.

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