Luckyday in London


London. Rome. Paris. Istanbul. These are just a few of the places that some Luckyday Scholars will be visiting this summer through their studies abroad. Students at Southern Miss have the opportunity to study all over the world, made possible through study abroad and exchange programs organized thorough the International Programs office.

One such program is British Studies. Varying each year in terms of classes offered and faculty teaching, the program brings faculty from Southern Miss to the University of Westminster to provide emersion experiences for students to learn about culture, business, literature, history, and many other topics related to London and Great Britain.

Each year, Luckyday Scholars have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship through the Luckyday Program to study abroad. Through a review of applications, recommendations, and interviews, ten Luckyday Scholars are chosen. Applicants must be at least in their second year of the program, have accumulated at least 30 credit hours, and be in good standing with the program. Those who receive the additional scholarship are eligible for up to $4,000 for the program of their choice approved through International Programs during the following calendar year.

This summer seven Luckyday Scholars are studying in London. Upon invitation from the International Programs office, Luckyday Foundation chairman Holmes Adams, his wife Gayle Adams, Luckyday Program Director Larry Sparkman, and Associate Director Sarah Dixon were given the opportunity to travel to London to see first hand how students experience life as a student abroad. From touring Lloyd’s of London with a business class to tromping through Ashdown Forest depicted in Winnie the Pooh stories covered in a children’s literature class, the Luckyday group will have great opportunities to interact with students, faculty, and the British community at large during the week-long trip.

Traveling with the group are Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Steve Moser and Vice President for External Affairs Chad Driskell. Both Moser and Driskell have numerous experiences abroad, but neither have seen the British Studies Program in action and are excited about the opportunity to delve into the unique offerings available to students at Southern Miss.

Upcoming posts will include stories from each of the seven scholars in London, as well as additional details about funding opportunities and programs offered through Southern Miss to study abroad.

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