A New Year’s Resolution

It’s 2016. A new year. Time for resolutions. Time to forgo some habits. Time to pick up new ones.

The Luckyday Program will begin a new habit in 2016. We will regularly share stories of Luckyday Scholars. Since 2001, over 900 scholars have graduated from Southern Miss through the Luckyday Program. There are currently about 430 scholars who are in the program and steadily preparing themselves to walk across the stage at Reed Green Coliseum.

2015 Graduates

But before they do, there is a lot of living that goes on in college! From self-discovery to overcoming obstacles to adventures in studying abroad, our students have fascinating stories to tell! Beginning in 2016 we want to share their stories of hope, success, lessons learned, unique relationships, and plans for the future. We will tell some stories and the students themselves may tell others.

From College Hall to the Johnson Science Tower, students in the Luckyday Program attend classes all across campus and cover a wide variety of majors. Although they are all from Mississippi, Luckyday Scholars come from all corners of the state, bringing their experiences, family influence, and hopes as they enter Southern Miss. From presidents of organizations to research assistants to organizers of community-wide events, our students have wide variety of interests, skills, and talents that bring about positive change for our campus, Hattiesburg community, and beyond.

Here’s to 2016, where we’ll share life with others and share the lives of others.

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