Spreading Positivity in a Time Needed Most

This semester I got a better idea of how I can serve even throughout the circumstances that we, the world, has had to face within the past year. Even though it has been challenging it makes me much more aware of the need of servant leaders. I have been able to use what I learned in my Luckyday class my freshman year to my advantage this semester now, more than ever. 

My sorority this semester gave me several opportunities to be able to serve the community. One of the places I was able to serve was the Hattiesburg Half Marathon run, in which I and several others were able to be at a water station where I was able to fill up waters and Powerade for the runners as well as cheer them on. I also had the opportunity to serve at Edwards Street Thrift Store. Here I was able to help out by cleaning the store, sweeping, picking up, straightening the clothes, and doing just about anything they asked of me. 

During these experiences I learned to share positivity and to be vulnerable. During times like these I feel that if the world could use one thing it would most certainly have to be positivity. While filling up water I was sure to be cheering on the runners and helping out in any way. While helping with Edwards Street I made sure to be welcoming, asking questions, and making the employees as well as the customers feel welcomed. 

In order to volunteer with the race, I was able to sign up through the Weekly Word provided by Luckyday. I was notified by my sorority but was able to sign up by using the link they provided. To serve at Edwards Street Thrift Store, I simply walked in and asked if I could volunteer and they set me up with some tasks that they needed help with! I am so grateful for the opportunity to still be able to serve my community especially in times like this.  

Lindsey Ferguson is studying speech pathology and audiology and just completed her second year as a Luckyday Scholar at Southern Miss.

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