Volunteering at Edwards Street Food Pantry

I have now been volunteering with Edwards Street Fellowship Center for two years. During the first semester of my service, I worked at the Edwards Street Thrift Store. I enjoyed that experience, but I feel as though my skills allow me to have a greater impact on the community at Edwards Street Food Pantry. Every time that I go to volunteer there, I know that I am having a direct positive influence on other people’s lives. The staff at the food pantry are always very kind and encouraging, which makes my experience as a servant leader there even more enjoyable.

While volunteering, I help with any task that needs to be done. Sometimes, I pack food into bags that are distributed to individuals and families in the community. Other times, I file client paperwork so that they can benefit from everything that the food pantry has to offer. Occasionally, I help clean up the outdoor area to foster a welcoming environment. There has never been a time when I felt useless or unhappy at Edwards Street. I would recommend that volunteering experience to anyone.

–Post author Felicity Gordon just completed year two as a Luckyday Scholar at Southern Miss majoring in history.

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