Letters of Love

Last semester, I embarked in writing to residents of nursing homes in the Hattiesburg area. Not only was I creating for others, thinking of thoughtful messages that would make someone’s day, but it filled me up as well. I was so grateful during such an odd time in all of our lives that I had friends that I could lean on. That’s why this semester, I wanted to write these letters with my freshman year Luckyday roommate turned life long best friend, Kaitlyn Wilson. This semester we sat at my kitchen table and wrote letters and drew pictures for the residents again. Serving together as best friends is something that means a lot to both of us. We are both so creative so we were a good team for this project. We spent hours drawing, coloring, and writing the creative notes for each card. We wanted each person who received a letter to feel valued and joyful.

As we both come upon our last year at USM, I am so glad Luckyday has given us not only an opportunity to serve the broader community, but it has brought us each other so that we can do that service together. It is so sweet to have a friendship based in service and love for others. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we are both grateful for all Luckyday has given us, but mostly the ability to give back. The ability to spread joy is so imperative at this time, and I am so glad I got to share this experience with another this semester.

Blog post author Brooke LeGrow just completed her third year at Southern Miss. She is majoring in dance education.

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