Luckyday Program Set to Top 1,000 Graduates this Spring

“Jessica Adcock. Zachary Agee. Leah Alda.” One by one, names of senior Luckyday Scholars were called as The Luckyday Foundation Executive Director Patricia Smith and board member Kristin Merrell bestowed the Luckyday graduation stoles on the scholars. This graduating class will hold a unique spot in the history of the program as it brings the number of Luckyday alumni to over 1,000 graduates.

Student Takes Fitness Challenge “To Heart”

For the past five years, the Luckyday Program has hosted a fitness challenge to encourage students to make more mindful nutrition choices and be more physically active. Jessica Seaton, a senior scholar, participated in the challenge last spring. She fully engaged herself, enrolling in the nutrition class provided through the “Health is Golden” campaign and attending…