Mentor and Mentee Bonding

By Lisa Brackeen: My 1st year as a mentor, I had no idea honestly what to expect. Although I felt the mentor class taught me well, there is still nothing compared to the real deal outside of the classroom and guidance of Luckyday. I was given 5 random girls to mentor, and I was scared!…

John O’Leary Challenges Luckyday Scholars

At the January semester meeting, Luckyday staff gave program announcements and words of wisdom to encourage us in our academic endeavors. Then, Dr. Sparkman put the microphone back on its stand and sat down. Great, the meeting was over. But all of a sudden, this guy in the audience stood up and simply said, “Can one person change the world?”

Your Note-Taking Rescuer

Computer or paper? If you take class notes on your computer, consider using the Microsoft program OneNote! With automatic updates to the Cloud, options for reminders, and free downloads for Southern Miss students, OneNote has may features that will help you succeed in your classes!

The Hattiesburger Club

The Hattiesburger Club is a great way to get involved in our great city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi! You get to enjoy local food, explore new places, and find fun things to do. Join official club events or just visit places on your own time and share your experience on social media using #HattiesburgerClub.

Todo está bien

All I knew was that I would be in a place that is known for their olives, and I will be attending school at the University of Jaén. … I started to wonder what I was getting myself into. Would I make friends? Would I feel homesick? …At one point the driver looked back at me and said, “Estamos aquí,” and I looked up and realized I made it to Jaén. This city meant nothing to me at that moment, but it is everything to me now. 

Semester Breaks Offer Time for Students to Give Back

Submitted by Tylicia Grove This past spring break, I took a service trip to Shaw, Mississippi, with USM’s Center for Community Engagement (CCE).  Shaw  is a small town in a particularly poor section of the Mississippi Delta,  made up of primarily minorities.  The area is known as a food desert, which means that residents in rural areas have less access to healthy…