Student Spotlight: Jack Hoda

Story compiled by Kayla Rowe, graduate assistant with the Luckyday Program. Sophomore Luckyday Scholar and Southern Miss student Jack Hoda recalled his experiences working as a Teacher Advisor in Rosedale, Mississippi, at the Rosedale Freedom Project this past summer. Read his story for insight into his service to the community. What is the Freedom Project?…

Luckyday in London

London. Rome. Paris. Istanbul. These are just a few of the places that some Luckyday Scholars will be visiting this summer through their studies abroad. Students at Southern Miss have the opportunity to study all over the world, made possible through study abroad and exchange programs organized thorough the International Programs office. One such program…

A New Year’s Resolution

It’s 2016. A new year. Time for resolutions. Time to forgo some habits. Time to pick up new ones.

The Luckyday Program will begin a new habit in 2016. We will regularly share stories of Luckyday Scholars. Since 2001, over 900 scholars have graduated from Southern Miss through the Luckyday Program. There are currently about 430 scholars who are in the program and steadily preparing themselves