Adopt A Spot: Campus Cleanup at Your Own Pace!

My name is Julian Ridler and I just finished my second semester with the Adopt A Spot Program at the Hattiesburg USM campus. Adopt A Spot is a sub-program of the anti-liter initiative that came in 2015 and gives students the unique opportunity to personally adopt one of 33 individual “spots” on the USM campus. Once selected, the rest is at your discretion. As long as you come once a semester to make your chosen spot clean!

Personally I chose to clean around my residence at Hattiesburg Hall, so spots 11 and 10. Through my time with this program I became conscious of my own habits that might cause trash to end up outside of a can and the “convenience culture” that we have built around our society that promotes the pollution of ecosystems for the sake of what is easiest. The only way to combat this is to either influence or be influenced and Adopt a Spot is the only program where students can walk around and regularly see your peers, dressed normally, simply doing their part to keep the campus clean. I even had a few people who I had never met ask me what I was doing and wanted to know how to become involved.

When we all come together things look and feel much better in our campus life. It is this spirit and essence that spreads positivity like wildfire and what I believe is most important about student volunteering groups like this. I did my part this semester to keep the cycle going and you should too! If you’re interested please visit the website on the USM portal

Just complete the application and send it to

You may also mail the form to the Southern Miss Physical Plant, 118 College Drive, #5058, Hattiesburg, MS 39406.

Get Cleaning USM!

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