My Volunteering Experiences at SPAS

I have been serving at Southern Pines Animal Shelter since the fall 2019. Though I’ve always considered myself a “cat AND dog person,” my range of volunteer work has solidified that fact for me. During my time at SPAS, I have served as both a Canine Companion and a Cat Care Provider.

When I tell my friends about my community service, I usually just say that I get to hang out with dogs and cats– because I do! On Saturday mornings, you can find me feeding cats, cleaning their cubbies, and mostly, enjoying their cuddles. I honestly think I get more out of my visits there than the cats do; I’ve found it to be calming and there’s never a dull moment.

My very first day, I left with no cats and came home with two.

My favorite story to tell about my specific time as a Cat Care Provider is centered around my first day. After having been a Canine Companion for a while, I decided to go through the Cat Care Provider training. My very first day, I left with no cats and came home with two. While adopting Bennie and Jet has been the highlight of my service, I still enjoy every shift as much as the first. The friendships I have made with the staff (not just the furry friendships) have enriched my experience even more.

To anyone looking for a service opportunity that can give you friends, stress relief, and maybe even a new pet (or two), consider volunteering with SPAS. Due to Covid-19, they shifted some of the volunteer training sessions online, so it’s never been easier to get connected to their programs. There is something for everyone, whether you want to volunteer as a vet tech or just take a good boy for a walk.

Post author Kayla Tweedy has completed her third year as a Luckyday Scholar and is majoring in music education.

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