Volunteer Tutoring @ Natchez High School

Over this past year, many students such as myself, and even professionals have felt the many effects as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Knowing this, I have made it my duty to do what I possibly could to ease the burden felt by students to make sure they could continue to excel in their academic studies. Specifically, as former president of my alma mater’s National Honor Society, I chose to volunteer as a tutor under its organization both last semester, as well as this current semester.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

Audrey Hepburn

Given that a majority of my classes last semester, as well as all of my classes this semester, were online, it allowed me to be at home more to complete my service hours. On the days that I was at home and that the high school was physically open, I was able to sit next to the students and help them more one-on-one. However, though, that was not always the case so we had to improvise. This was done by me hosting optional Zoom sessions after school hours to allow the students to continue to stay on track despite the uncertainty they faced in the school year. Though it was a tough process to figure out at first, both the students and faculty members at the high school constantly reminded me how appreciative they were of my time and effort and that alone is what made it all worth the while.

2020 National Honor Society Induction
At the National Honor Society’s award program, I was also acknowledged as an honorary member due to my commitment to my former high school’s chapter.

Just like at our university, the students at Natchez High School have become more aware of how important it is to seek an alternative way of gaining a sense of connectedness, such as it being done virtually. Overall, to ensure we are continuing to aid in the process of building community, it is important to understand how instead, these online communities are now building support, improving individual’s psychological and emotional well-being. As for future service activities, I plan to continue giving back by volunteering, specifically as a tutor, at my former high school to ensure they are provided with the same opportunities I had whenever I was a student there. More closely, things as such can help in making a peaceful and progressive society.

Take the time to understand and lend a gentle, helping hand.

This post was written by Carleigh Sproulls, health sciences major, who just completed her first year as a Luckyday Scholar.

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