Volunteering at Forrest General Hospital

Since the spring of my freshman year, I have been a volunteer in the Forrest General Hospital Ambassador program. I decided to continue serving here this semester. Each Thursday for a hour and a half from August to November, I have had the pleasure of working with the office staff, Mrs. Vickie and Ms. Lori. Before the pandemic, volunteers were allowed to consistently walk the halls of the hospital, check on patients in the ER, deliver flowers/gifts to rooms, etc.

When we came back in August, after the program had been shut down in March, there were new rules and regulations. My job description went from helping people find their way in the hospital to doing paperwork in small groups in the office. One thing we do not realize is the work does not stop during a pandemic. Even though we may be quarantined in our homes, the hospital never slows down. When Mrs. Vickie and Ms. Lori tell us stories about working in the hospital during lockdown, they always tell us that they had to adapt. One day they may be working in the canteen, and the next day they may be working in labor and delivery.

One thing I learned this semester is that no matter how big or small the job is, everyone is essential. When I found out that I would be doing paper work in the office this semester, I thought I would not be as much as a help as I was the semester before. By the end, I realized that without individuals doing paperwork, surgeries could not be performed. Babies could not be delivered, and individuals could not be hired. Going to the hospital each Thursday was the highlight of my week; I also got to meet other Luckyday scholars. I am excited for the activities the program has planned, and I look forward to volunteering next semester.

This semester, the maximum capacity for volunteers was about 26. However, they plan to expand the volunteer areas and open the program to about 80 students. If you are interested in being a Forrest General Hospital Ambassador, email Ms. Lori at lori.roseberry@forrestgeneral.com.

Erin Davis is a junior Luckyday Scholar majoring in nursing.

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