On Wednesdays, We Wear SPAS Volunteer Shirts


My name is Thumbelina. I am a female tabby cat that LOVES to vocalize my agitation that people do not give me enough attention. Before my adoption into my forever home, my litter box resided at Southern Pines Animal Shelter. In addition to the many people who came to experience my presence, I remember encountering a girl that would play with me and clean my litter box every Wednesday morning. 

Whenever this HOOMAN (human aka Katy McGinnis) would come to the cat cottage she would adapt this strange high-pitched voice and tell me what a pretty tabby cat I was (but I knew that already). I would be quite agitated from being confined to my room all day, so I would make enough noise to get her to notice and let me out first. The hooman would also let out a couple of my friends to play with me. While she cleaned my litterbox and fetched me some clean water, I had the time of my life racing back and forth in the big room. She would then pick me up and scratch me behind my ears. Of course I purred. It was a good head scratch. I like getting my head scratched. Before she would leave, after all my friends (the white cat that hissed at me -Baklava- is not my friend, but I will include her anyways) had their cage cleaned, we would always get extra treats for being good. I like my new home better now, but I do sometimes miss that hooman. She was a good hooman.

Here are some pictures of my friends….


It’s the hooman speaking:

I find so much joy in helping these animals transition into their forever homes. Animals truly do enrich our lives in so many ways. It is nice to know I am making a difference for the same animals that have brought me much comfort and joy over the years.

If anyone would like to get involved, click the link below. GivePulse the the volunteer website for Southern Pines. The home page will give an explanation of what the shelter is all about, and the volunteer orientation post is there when you scroll down. You only have to do the online orientation once to help out in the shelter. I would recommend going through a second orientation  in a section of the shelter like cats, dogs, and vet tech. I think you are able to maximize your impact on the shelter more when you take that extra step of learning the specifics of animal care. The volunteer coordinator, David Fondren, also has his contact information posted on the page. Good Luck!


Katy McGinnis is a junior majoring in medical laboratory science.

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