Comeback Coolers Volunteer Work

Since I have been in high school, I have worked with an Ocean Springs local organization, Comeback Coolers. Comeback Coolers is a non-profit organization that provides natural disaster victims with a cooler that is designed with uplifting statements and/or drawings filled with necessities. As everyone knows, this hurricane season for the Gulf Coast has been very detrimental to numerous communities. I have had the opportunity to work on four packing parties so far this semester. As a teacher assistant, I was able to include my kindergarten students with designing coolers each time. They loved it and gave them an opportunity to participate in service! 

During this experience, I was able to learn that I really enjoy seeing how my community and surrounding states come together whenever others are in need. It also gave me an opportunity to develop empathy for individuals who are impacted due to a natural disaster so close to home and awareness of our destructed environment. I was able to see the gratitude of the cooler recipients which made the effort so much more meaningful. 

The Comeback Coolers organization can be found on Facebook and Instagram as well as their website: Anyone can keep up with disaster relief efforts through their postings. Not only can you volunteer through the cooler design and packing efforts, you can join on delivery trips and help to provide monetary donations. If you are looking to getting involved, feel free to email me at

One of my students, Bella, adding some designs to one of the cooler projects.

Laurel Tynes is a junior Luckyday Scholar majoring in elementary education.

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