Community Service Through Luckyday Cares Team

This semester has definitely been a strange one to say the least. One of the only senses of normalcy has been having the ability to volunteer. I was unable to return to my usual volunteering site in Hattiesburg this semester because it is temporarily closed due to the pandemic. I was looking for an opportunity to provide sustained, meaningful service, so I chose to join the Cares Team.

The team was originally created this semester to care for students who have contracted or been affected by the coronavirus. Over time, this team has expanded its reach to students who are experiencing any type of hardship or just need encouragement. We created a Google form for people to state their individual need or to state the need of their friends. We meet every Monday afternoon at 3:30 pm on Zoom to discuss the activity from the Google forms for people we need to prepare care packages for. We go shopping periodically to buy the items and prepackaged food to put in the gift bags. We write several cards to let the person receiving it know that Luckyday is here for them during their difficult time and to reach out if we can provide additional assistance. We deliver and ship packages as well as letters to people who fill out the Google form.

This is a growing opportunity, and I’ve enjoyed being able to help fulfill the needs of our very own Luckyday community. Throughout this volunteering experience, I have learned the importance of caring for others in various capacities through differing scenarios. It has taught me how something as little as a note and a goody bag can have such a large impact. If you are interested in joining or have questions about Luckyday Cares Team, please contact me at my email,

Kennedy Hanna is a sophomore scholar majoring in business administration.

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