Fitness Challenge? I’m fit’ness in my schedule!

It’s January. A new semester. Time to think about how we want to be better versions of ourselves. Maybe you want to go to bed earlier so you get more sleep. Maybe you want cut out soda and drink that thirst-quenching, refreshing beverage called water. Maybe you want to take a friend and finally try out that group exercise class you’ve been looking at all last semester.

The Luckyday Fitness Challenge begins January 28! This 10-week challenge allows students who choose to participate a chance to learn more about themselves, set their own goals for change, and be encouraged knowing that others are going through the challenge as well. We take body composition measurements before and after the challenge to look at lean mass and fat mass using the InBody Scan. We also have one-on-one sessions with each student to help determine what goals to set during the challenge.

Goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.: simple, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Examples include:
• Running a 5K for the first time within the 10-week challenge
• Participating in 3 group exercise classes a week at the Payne Center
• Keeping a food journal to document meals and snacks for each day
• Waking up to exercise before class 3 days a week during the challenge

Details of the challenge:
• Information meeting Monday, January 28, 4 pm in the Luckyday multipurpose room
• January 28: Official start of the challenge
• January 28-February 1:  InBody scans offered in the Luckyday office
• April 8-12: InBody scans offered in the Luckyday office
• April 8: Official end of the challenge
• Participation is $25
• Chance to receive $100 scholarship if you meet your goals and have a positive change in results from InBody Scan

Steps to participate:
Step 1: Fill out the 2019 Luckyday Fitness Challenge form

Step 2: Sign up for a time to get an InBody scan in the Luckyday office using our Fitness Challenge Scans signup. Scans are offered in the mornings of Jan 28-Feb 1. Allow time after the scan to meet with a staff member to set your personal goals for the challenge.

Step 3: Pay for the challenge. When you sacrifice a little, you tend to stick to what you say you will do. Participation is $25 for the challenge.

Step 4: Get going! You have 10 weeks to meet your goals.

January 28-February 1:  InBody scans offered in the Luckyday office
• February 2: The official start of the challenge
• April 9-13: InBody scans offered in the Luckyday office
• April 13: The official end of the challenge

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