From Biloxi to the Big Apple: Three Scholars Receive Funding for Summer Internships

Among thirteen students awarded funds through the Pathways Scholarship Program, three Luckyday Scholars will serve as interns in three states this summer with the help of the Pathways Program. The Pathways Scholarship Program awards competitive scholarships to undergraduate students who obtain full-time internships or other approved pathway experiences, such as fieldwork or research, in order to help offset the costs of pursuing an unpaid internship or to assist with financial need.

Cameron Cloud

Cameron Cloud, Senior, Biological Sciences

Bridgewater Psychiatry

Cameron Cloud will be interning with Bridgewater Psychiatry in Biloxi, MS, on a full-time basis for the last eight weeks of the summer. He will be working as a medical technician, where his primary responsibility will be to take patients’ vitals when they arrive at the clinic. Aside from this role, he will contact pharmacies, assist with scheduling, and help out wherever needed. When asked about what he is hoping to gain from the experience, Cameron said, “I am so excited to see what it will be like to work in a clinic. I want to be a psychiatrist one day, so this is a wonderful opportunity to get experience working with patients.”


Amelia Strahan

Amelia Strahan, Senior, Political Science

Amelia Strahan grew up watching the Today Show with her family and has been waiting for an opportunity to get behind the scenes for as long as she can remember. Amelia described her upcoming plans just before she headed up to New York. “I will be interning at the “Weekend TODAY” show at NBC in New York City through the Campus 2 Careers internship program at NBCUniversal. During my internship, I will be working five days per week at 30 Rockefeller Center, which is an absolute dream come true!”

Her duties will include task such as assisting producers, conducting research for segments, and preparing scripts. She is fortunate to have a paid internship that will last a total of 12 weeks.


Hannah Scott

Hannah Scott, Senior, Political Science


Washington, D.C. will serve as Hannah Scott’s home for two months this summer. “I will be interning as the External Affairs Intern at The Urban Institute, specifically working with communications, helping with events, contacting constituents, and other duties,” described Hannah when asked about her upcoming experience. Her internship is provided through a program called The Washington Center, which offers classes and academic seminars along with internships in a variety of settings.


For additional information about this year’s Pathways Scholarship Program and recipients, see Van Arnold’s story USM Students Earn Pathway Scholarships to Help with Internships on the Southern Miss Now page. The Pathways Scholarship Program is part of the Center for Pathways Experiences at The University of Southern Mississippi.

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