Internship + Pathways Program = “Fun”ded Experience

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.19.32 AMIn the summer of 2017, Kaylee Sanders interned with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department’s Crime Scene Investigator. Kaylee is a senior Luckyday Scholar majoring in forensics.

I asked her to share a bit about how she found out about the opportunity for the internship and how she was able to obtain funding to make the unpaid internship more practical for her in which to spend her time.

Q: How did you find out about the internship opportunity?

A: I met a Harrison County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant as well as the Crime Scene Investigator at the USM Career Fair. However, I had previously met the CSI through a Forensic Science class at USM in 2016.

Q: How did you find out about the scholarship through the Pathways Program?

A: Ms. Mary Beard, Manager of Career Counseling in Career Services, informed me of the Pathways Program when I told her about my internship. Being that my internship has unpaid, Ms. Beard suggested I apply for the Pathways Scholarship. I applied and I received funding for my internship at the Sheriff’s Department!

Q: Were you looking for an internship or job this summer? How important was a paid internship/having funding to help support you when you were considering an internship?

A: I was definitely looking for an internship this summer, and the pay or funding was very important to me. I am mostly financially independent; therefore, I must bring in an income to live. Having an unpaid internship did not seem like an option for me, but I was prepared to figure it out because of the importance of the internship and the experience I would gain.

Q: What advice would you offer to other students who thinking about ways they can network, prepare themselves for future employment, or maximizing their time while they are here at Southern Miss?

A: I would advise other students to take every opportunity given to them to further themselves in their field, build a resumé and have it critiqued by a professional, attend the Career Fair, and don’t be afraid to put themselves out there. Networking is immensely important!


Through the Pathways Scholarship Program, The University of Southern Mississippi awards competitive scholarships to undergraduate students who obtain full-time internship or other approved pathway experiences, such as fieldwork or research, in order to help offset the costs of pursuing an unpaid internship/pathway experience or to assist with student financial need. The application for summer programs in 2018 is due March 1. Visit the Center for Pathway Experiences site for more information.

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