New year, new goals: Let the challenge begin!

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For the past seven years, the Luckyday Program has held a challenge to encourage students to think about their nutrition habits, increase physical activity, and gain muscle. We are kicking off this year’s challenge on February 2. The challenge will run for 10 weeks. The schedule is as follows:

• January 29-February 2:  InBody scans offered in the Luckyday office
• February 2: The official start of the challenge
• April 9-13: InBody scans offered in the Luckyday office
• April 13: The official end of the challenge

So what is this scan we are talking about? We use an InBody scanner to measure body composition before and after the challenge. The scanner uses a multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis. What this means is electric currents (no worries, you can’t feel a thing) penetrate differently, depending on the frequency. Some frequencies are better suited for measuring body water outside the cell, while others can pass through cell membranes to measure total body water. It gives you results in a printout that shows lean mass, fat mass, and numbers for each body area: arms, legs, and torso.

IMG_2754 copy

InBody Scanner in Luckyday Office

Winning the Challenge

In the past, we have determined the winners of the challenge based on the percent change of fat mass to lean mass using the results from the InBody scan. This year, we are widening the scope of what it means to be a winner. Participants must meet these requirements in order to win:

  1. Increase in percent muscle and a decrease in percent fat based on the InBody scan before and after the challenge
  2. Meet a goal determined by the participant and approved by the Luckyday office that is measurable and can be documented. Goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.: simple, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Examples include:
    • Running a 5K for the first time
    • Participating in 3 group exercise classes a week at the Payne Center
    • Keeping a food journal to document meals and snacks for each day
    • Waking up to exercise before class 3 days a week during the challenge

Participants who meet these requirements will be awarded a $100 scholarship applied to their student account. They will also be recognized at our Luckyday Spring Gala in April.



Some winners from the 2017 Fitness Challenge


New this year

223526.jpgWe are partnering with the Eagle FITT program, For the discounted rate of $75, they are offering our participants 2 group personal training sessions per week, 1-on-1 nutritional support, and 2 fitness assessments. Another option would be to sign up for the $100 option, which includes 3 personal training sessions a week.

For students who are interested in choosing either of these options, the Luckyday Program will refund $25 of the cost at the halfway point if they have been to all of the training and info sessions up to that point. If the students make it to the end of the program having been to all of the training and info sessions, another $25 will be refunded to them by the Luckyday Program. Now that should be some motivation!!


Here’s a little Q & A

Q: Is this a weight loss program?
A: No, it is more of a muscle gain, fat loss (only if desired), and positive habit forming program.

Q: Is there a cost to participate?
A: To participate, we ask for $25 so that there is some financial motivation to get the most out of the challenge. Participants may pay by cash, check, or through Venmo.

Q: Can participants do this challenge with a group?
A: Sure! Accountability is a great way to make sure you will stick to your goals and get up for those 7 am workouts (if that’s what you need to do!)

Q: Do I have to get the second scan at the end of the challenge?
A: We will expect everyone who enters the challenge to get the scan at the end as well. Even if participants feel like they have blown the challenge, there are still things to learn through failure. Sometimes that is when we learn the most!

Signing Up for the Challenge

Ready to sign up? Fill out our 2018 Luckyday Fitness Challenge Form.

After you fill out the form, be sure to sign up for a scan with the Luckyday office: 2018 Luckyday Pre-Fitness Challenge Scan. These scans are offered during the week of January 29-February 2. In order to obtain the most accurate results, please read through the guidelines before you sign up for a time to scan:  InBody 270 Scan Guidelines.

Now, let’s get busy being losers! And winners!

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