The Hattiesburger Club

by Sara Waldbauer

The Hattiesburger Club is a great way to get involved in our great city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi! You get to enjoy local food, explore new places, and find fun things to do with fellow Luckyday scholars. The Hattiesburger Club is how I got to know several of the girls on my residence hall floor and made friends (fingers-crossed) that will last a lifetime.  As someone who isn’t from Hattiesburg, I found that this a great way to get to know the city that I am calling home for the next several years.


While you may not be able to attend the scheduled times the club meets, that should not discourage you from participating in all that Hattiesburg and Luckyday has to offer.  My friend Ceili Rassier and I would pick a restaurant from the Hattiesburger list and go get lunch every Friday after we finished with our classes. Pretty soon we started to invite our roommates and other friends, both Luckyday and non-Luckyday scholars, to join us.  It was a great time to catch up on what everyone had been up to that week and enjoy some good food together.


The Hattiesburger Club is a way to make new friends while doing something we all enjoying: EATING!  I hope you will be able to join us soon at the Hattiesburger Club.  Come be adventurous by yourself or with some friends and soak up all that The Burg has to offer!

What is the Hattiesburger Club?

We’ve organized a list of suggest places to eat and places you can go that are great representations of what it means to be a Hattiesburger (person who lives, works, studies, and plays in Hattiesburg)! Check out our lists below. We have a Facebook group: HattiesburgerClub and we are on Instagram: @HattiesburgerClub.


You don’t have to eat or visit these places with us. You can do them on your own time or may have already been to some of them! Just post a picture on social media and either tag us (@HattiesburgerClub) or use  #HattiesburgerClub.  

To officially complete your “membership” in the club, you can eat at 10 of the 14 restaurants and do/go to 8 of the 10 events/locations! There are some blanks for you to add a restaurant or location/event that you feel is another good representation of Hattiesburg. If you make it to all of these, we’ll have an official Hattiesburger Club t-shirt for you! 

Hattiesburger food menu

Hattiesburger events menu

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