Hot and Fresh Out the Kitchen

– by McKenna Bryant

The Fresh Food Company on USM’s campus is a wonderful resource for students. Whether its omelets for breakfast or comfort foods for dinner, the Fresh provides an array of meal choices, bakery items, and fresh fruits. The staff in the Fresh work hard to ensure that students are provided with quality meals during their operating hours.

Sometimes, however, some factors can hinder students going to the Fresh. During high-traffic times there may be long lines, sometimes bad weather affects some students’ desire to walk to the Fresh, and they close at 8 pm most days and 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. When these factors prevent students from going to the Fresh, cooking in the residence halls is often a great alternative.


Luckyday Citizenship Hall first-floor resident Ashlyn Cox says, “Cooking in a residence hall can be easy and convenient! The Luckyday Hall has double ovens and three microwaves which makes it easy for the whole floor to cook what they need. I made a yummy peach cobbler with a pre-made crust and pie filling, and the Luckyday residence hall kitchen made this super easy to cook!” Ashlyn highlights how convenient it is to have a well-equipped kitchen right on her own floor.

Eating healthy in college can be a struggle, but having a kitchen to cook in can make it easier to stay on track! First-floor resident and mentor Tyler Murry loves to make healthy options in the kitchen. One of Tyler’s favorite meals to make are what we like to call “Tyler Murry’s egg mug-muffins.” To make this dish, Tyler uses store-bought egg whites (in a carton) and a variety of fresh veggies for flavor. She then pours her egg whites and veggies in a mug and microwaves it for one or two minutes, or until cooked through. The egg whites are a great source of protein, and the veggies are a great source of vitamins and minerals making Tyler’s egg mug-muffins a great (and quick) breakfast or snack option!


Sydney Ruzicka making an egg mug-muffin in the Luckyday Citizenship Hall kitchen.

Another first-floor resident, Emily Matherne, loves to buy frozen chicken breasts or tilapia to make for dinner. Emily seasons her chicken or fish with salt and pepper and roasts it in the oven according to package directions. As a side, she microwaves frozen vegetables for a healthy and well-rounded meal made in her residence hall kitchen.

Cooking in a residence hall can be a convenient and nutritious option. We are thankful that the Luckyday Citizenship Hall has these kitchens and community spaces for students to enjoy.

About the author
McKenna Bryant is a freshman scholar majoring in political science. She currently serves on the Luckyday Leadership Team and is a first-floor resident of Luckyday Citizenship Hall.

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