Pink Weights and Protein Shakes

by Jessica Barnett

The first floor gals of Luckyday Citizenship Hall are no strangers to the sunrise, 6:30 am workouts at the Payne Center, and morning omelets at the Fresh. This seemingly simple, yet at times difficult, routine has been kick-started thanks to the creation of the fitness group “Pink Weights and Protein Shakes” by freshman scholar Jane Claire Arender just in time for the Luckyday Fitness Challenge. Jane Claire, nicknamed JC, talked about the creation of the small group and what motivated freshmen on the floor to get involved. “I personally believe that having an accountability partner is essential to self-improvement. So immediately I proposed a challenge to the floor. What if we do a competition like The Biggest Loser? Immediately everyone was skeptical, but I knew if I could get these girls on board we would be making huge life style changes that were incredibly healthy. I can’t recall how the name Pink Weights and Protein Shakes came about, but somehow it became our official GroupMe name. The group message is filled with encouragement towards everyone. I think once that group message was created, it was what really solidified the commitment everyone made.”

As a follow member of the group, I can definitely say that this small gathering of people has created a newfound confidence in me while we journey towards a healthier lifestyle together. What started out as a small group of people reaching towards a common goal has led to several new friendships. When asked about the impact of the group on day-to-day floor interactions, JC responded, “Before this group was created I most definitely was not as close as I am to the girls now. I am a part of the Greek community and the commitment to school on top of that is rather large. So having this group gives me an outlet to talk to the girls and spend quality time with them daily. I can go exercise in the mornings, eat breakfast, and start my day in fellowship.”


Scholars from the first floor of Luckyday Citizenship Hall on their way to a morning workout

The group currently has ten members. The first floor of Luckyday Citizenship Hall has fifteen freshmen, so this means that over half of the floor has made the commitment to lead healthier lives in order to improve the quality of life itself! The group is not limited to just freshmen. Sophomore scholar Imani Harris shared a few of her thoughts with me as well. She provided excellent motivational quotes to help us get started on this journey. Two of my favorite included, “If you suck it up now, you won’t have to suck it in later,” as well as, “Be the girl who decided to go for it.” Both JC and Imani shared advice on how to overcome “the struggle” of waking up early to work out. JC said, “Just get through one week and then you can do anything. If you can make it one week, you can make it another one week, and then the next week, and by then it has become something you aren’t even aware that you are deciding to do. This repetition and dedication will become a part of what you enjoy and need to get through the day. In high school I never stepped foot in a gym, so I can definitely relate to those who despise the gym. However, don’t knock it until you try it because now I love the gym and in high school I swore I would never go.” Imani reminds us to “just do it” as well as reiterating that it is okay if you fall off the wagon every once in a while, but real strength is learning to pull yourself back up and start again the next day.

About the Fitness Challenge:
The Fitness Challenge is an 11-week program organized by the Luckyday Program to encourage participants to focus on better nutrition, increase physical activity, increase muscle mass, and decrease body fat percentage (if applicable).

About the Author:
Jessica is a freshmen scholar from Clinton, MS, majoring in criminal justice. She serves on the Luckyday Leadership Team and is a student in the Honor College.


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