Take Us Back to the West Coast Wonders!

Bradley Floore
Junior Finance and Accounting Double Major
Hometown: Gautier, MS

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.12.08 PMIn a few words, this year’s Luckyday Discovery Trip was INCREDIBLE! It is hard to believe all that we accomplished in just a few short days. From 8 am wake up calls to late night adventures, we took advantage of every opportunity we had to discover new places. For me, experiencing a big west coast city like San Francisco with so much culture and history and then also experiencing the awesome beauty of nature at Yosemite on the same trip made for an unforgettable trip. 

Some of my favorite memories include the time spent at Yosemite. Before this trip, I had never been to a national forest or park. I was totally unprepared for what I saw hiking through Yosemite, not to mention ignorant of how taxing the steep trails could be, especially the Vernal Falls trail. Vernal Falls was breathtaking. With the desire to reach the top of the falls so strong, it can be hard to stop and just listen and look at the beauty surrounding you. But if you ever get the chance to visit, take your time going up and really soak it all in. If I have one regret on the trip, it would be that we couldn’t stay longer!

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.12.20 PM

Another favorite memory from the trip was the midnight dash to the Golden Gate Bridge. Not everyone went on the trip wanted to go out so late, but there were those that agreed that we had to experience the bridge at night. I mean, we had to get those last few pics in right!? Between Google, public transportation, and some walking, we made it to the bridge. But making it to the bridge that night wasn’t even the most memorable portion of the night. It was the adventure trying to get back to the hotel that everyone fondly jokes about. We took one bus leaving the bridge, and then got off when someone finally remembered to ask if we were going the right way to the hotel. When we got off, we went to the next bus stop. This bus ended up being a bus on the same route we had just gotten off of! So, we got to pass by the bridge yet again! By this time, everyone was delirious and we got pretty rowdy on the bus that was empty except for our group and the driver. But it was fun! We were cracking jokes all the way home that night, even though we were tired, sleepy, and had to be up again to catch our plane in a few short hours.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.12.14 PM

Shanice Hicks
Senior Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Major
Hometown: Gautier, MS

Bradley and I were known to some students as the “mom” and “dad” on this trip. Considering we were two of the few upperclassmen students on the trip with a majority of freshmen, some students felt more comfortable sticking with us during their journey out west to this unfamiliar place. We were the leaders of the pack to some when it came to getting out and exploring the city. One of my favorite parts about the trip was getting to know everyone on a deeper level and creating those long lasting shared memories and experiences with a group of amazing people. I was asked numerously on the trip about what had been my favorite part of the trip…without giving the previous answer. I’m not even going to lie or sound cheesy about it, but it was my moments with Bradley when we adventured on our own time. The second night in San Francisco, we escaped from the group in Chinatown and went on the hunt for a movie theater. Bradley and I have this thing where we try to go to the movies in every city we visit. We found an AMC Theater in downtown and thought we were going to be able to walk back to the hotel that was about 1.5 miles away…but we couldn’t even make it out the door so we hailed our first and only cab in San Fran. Hiking was a different experience for me, so that wasn’t my favorite part of the trip, but I did enjoy laying in the fields looking at the stars and constellations.

I have never been with so many amazing people with the best attitudes and personalities on a group trip like this before. I hope that maybe next year, even though I will have graduated, I can return as a “chaperone” or “mom” again on the trip. Luckyday is my family and has stolen my heart yet again with another unforgettable experience. As always….#LDTTT

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.12.00 PM

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