The overwhelming beauty of California

Raina Parker

Major: double major-Entrepreneurship and Fashion Merchandising
Hometown: Gulfport, MS

I wanted to be a part of the Discovery Trip because I wanted to see a side of the world I have not seen. I come from a sheltered home and even though we traveled, I still wanted to know about the world. I have been to New York, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama, but nothing compares to my time in California.

I am so thankful I was able to go on this trip because I experienced the Californian lifestyle. I found myself red-eyed because of the beauty. In Yosemite, I cried so much because of the beauty of nature, and I gained appreciation of God’s creation. I especially respected how the people in San Fran take care of their environment even by charging 10 cents per plastic bag!  The countless hills and mountains and flowers and trees will always hold a place in my heart.

FullSizeRenderAs opposed to New York the people in San Francisco were very helpful (not including the rude bus drivers in Yosemite)! I loved being a city girl and riding the subway and cable cars and other forms of public transportation. The food was phenomenal, and I cannot even describe the flavorful hibachi (I cried as I chewed the succulent food)!

I honestly cried a lot on this trip mostly because of the eye-opening experience. The prices and lifestyle and homes were so new to me. I want to travel and see what all God has created. When the trip was over, I didn’t want to go home even though I was a tad bit homesick. I just wanted to pick up my entire life and family and friends and drop it in San Fran! Because of this trip, I built strong relationships with my fellow Luckydays and made new ones with Dr. Sparky, Sarah, Katie, Mrs. Pat, and Mr. David, and I will cherish this discovery for the rest of my life.

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