Learning about others and self

Heather Satcher
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS

I wanted to go on the Luckyday trip because I saw it as an opportunity to discover and explore a place I had never been, a place where I possibly would not have the chance to visit on my own.


One thing I learned on the discovery trip was how independent I can be. When we first arrived in San Francisco, I was pretty nervous trying to navigate the busy, sloped, fast-paced streets. On our free time, students would leave the hotel in a group, and I secretly wished no one split off from the group. At first I was hoping we would all travel together as one blob around the city. These other individuals surrounding me were my security blanket. The group quickly dwindled as students broke off to try different restaurants, stores, and other things. I panicked.

However, it did not take me long to realize that the trip was designed for this reason. We students were supposed to discover and pursue our own interests, and that is why we all ended up going separate ways. Being around others almost drowned out my own interests. If I just followed the crowd, I was not going to see what I wanted to see. At first it was hard for me to not just follow others and navigate to places myself. In just a matter of days, however, I was confidently leaving the hotel with only one other student to go discover the city. I was glad to find how freeing it is to be independent. I was also greatful for the bonds that I formed with other students, even though our interests were diverse. I appreciate that I have a special connection with all of the other students on this trip, and now passing them on campus will warm a special part of my heart. I will not ever forget the things I discovered about myself, San Francisco, and my fellow Luckyday scholars on the 2015 Luckyday Discovery trip.

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