A reflection…

Andrea Mastores is a freshman scholar from Picayune, MS. As soon as she heard about this discovery trip, she knew she had to go. In fact, the first day students could turn in a deposit for the trip, Andrea rushed over to the Luckyday office to pay and secure her spot. She was so excited to go to California.

Andrea was excited to do as much as possible on the trip. Wednesday was a “free” day, where everyone could decide what they each wanted to do around the city. Andrea, being a major fan of the show Full House, desperately wanted to see the house where the “Tanners” lived. She has most of the seasons on DVD, but she has seen every episode multiple times. Apparently, John Stamos was at that same location just a few days before…

He couldn’t wait until we were there?! “How ruuuude…”
Andrea loved being in Yosemite, star gazing, trail walking, and trying to take in the magnitude of the mountains. She said the mountains almost looked unreal, like they were a screensaver on her computer.
Seeing something so massive makes us realize just how small we are. Traveling to these new places has given Andrea a desire to see other parts of the country and the world. Andrea said, “The places I now want to add to my bucket list: everywhere.”

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