Get your last meal before going to prison

Kaleigh White is a sophomore from Columbia majoring in speech pathology.  She has never been to California, but this is not her first time out west. Her grandparents live in Arizona and she went on an M-Fuge trip to New Mexico in 2011. Kaleigh decided to go on this discovery trip so she could experience California and visit a big city. It is the biggest city she has ever seen! She was also excited about seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in real life, as opposed to the TV version in the opening of the show Full House

Kaleigh enjoyed going to Muir Woods and taking in the beauty of the national park. It was relatively quiet, since the massive trees extinguish much of the sound. Kaleigh wished there was a way to have a few minutes with less people in the park, just to fully experience the serenity of the woods.
Kaleigh had a funny experience on the ferry on the way to Alcatraz. The ferry had a snack bar, and Kaleigh wanted to grab a banana for the adventures that awaited her in the prison. Just before the ferry reached the island, the snack bar closes its shop. Kaleigh tried to quickly purchase a banana. The lady behind the counter, frantically trying to close, gave Kaleigh a banana and shoved a bag of cookies her way as well. Apparently it must be quicker to just pawn off cookies instead of putting them away for the evening. Of course Kaleigh wasn’t complaining. Four large, free chocolate cookies? Yes please!

One thought on “Get your last meal before going to prison

  1. I have enjoyed reading each one’s entry about their California experiences on this Lucky Day Adventure. Thanks for sharing your joys, sights, and sounds with all of us back home. I have enjoyed reading the blog and keeping up with everyone’s California Delights. Thanks for sharing.

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