Potstickers and “Bobby Ganush”

Pat Smith

Executive Director of the Luckyday Foundation
Pat and her husband, David, have been on 5 trips with Luckyday Scholars spanning the last 10 years. Most recently, they traveled to Washington, DC on last year’s discovery trip. Mrs. Pat said the destination this year was fabulous draw, but being able to spend time with the students was the most enticing aspect. It is such a joy to get to know the students and learn more about their stories. Some of the same students who went on the discovery trip last year are on this year’s trip, so it is enjoyable to spend time with them again.
For lunch today on the way to Muir Woods, we stopped at an area with variety of restaurant options. Some of us chose a Cantonese restaurant with quick lunch options. Pat had a pot sticker for the first time. She is now a potsticker fan! For dinner, we went to Zirya’b, a Morrocan restaurant, and Pat had baba ghanoush, or as David calls it “Bobby Ganush,” and moussaka. Quite the culinary adventures today!
Her favorite story of the day was racing down Bay Street, with all 28 of us, running from the hotel to Pier 39 to catch the boat for the ride to Alcatraz. Getting 28 people to move any direction quickly is difficult!

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