If 1 picture is worth 1,000 words…Aaliyah has some talking to do

Aaliyah Cole is a sophomore biological science major.  Aaliyah loves to travel. Her family doesn’t get to travel much, so she was excited to have this opportunity. She brought her Canon Powershot so she can take lots of pictures that she can share with her family once she returns. We are 24 hours into the trip, and she has already taken 324 pictures…

One of the first sites we visited today was Lombard Street. We drove down the curvy road in 3 15-passenger vans. Aaliyah was honestly scared. We don’t have hills like that in Hattiesburg! Later we went to Muir Woods. She was taken aback by the peacefulness and beauty. She was expecting to see wildlife and more flowers, but the trees stole the show. She loved the fresh, clear air. Aaliyah said, “I wish I could just trap that fresh air in a jar and bring it back to Mississippi!”

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